Join Sinéad of Go With The Flow Coaching in this powerfully transformstive Workshop &Cacao Ceremony. Carve out time for yourself to learn about the power of our Menstrual Cycles, the Cycles of the Moon and our Divine Feminine Power. Slow down, connect with your feminine power and journey deep into your cyclical and intuitive wisdom. This 3 hour event will focus on a mix of science and sacred wisdom. Sinead will create a unique ceremonial experience that weaves together a physiological overview our menstrual cycles, the innate knowing of Womb Wisdom, the cyclical guidance of the Moon phases and energy of the Divine Feminine to help us to step into our inner power. The Workshop We will being our journey with an hour-long informative discussion on: • Tracking your Menstrual Cycle &the Seasons of your Cycle • Menstrual Cycle Health & Different Cycle Types (natural, contraceptive, peri/postmenopause, and disturbed cycles) • Overview of Moon Cycles • Introduction to Cyclical Living &Intutive Movement/Eating Please note that Sinead’s Cycle &Self-Care journal is available to buy at a discounted rate for this Workshop. It covers the information above and will allow you to continue your inner journey after the event.

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