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Here at The Yoga Barre all of our classes work your body, losing weight, improving core strength, posture, and muscle tone but we want it to be fun too!  Our goal is for you to leave the class healthier and happier.

Feeling better in yourself and your body means more than just a smaller waist. Our yoga Barre class energizes you and leaves you feeling confident and less stressed. These physical benefits lead to emotional and mental rewards. Simply: you’ll feel good.

No dance experience is required beyond the desire to move your body to some good music.

We also provide Pregnancy Barre and Mum & Baby Barre Classes and much more!

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Why choose us

Here at The Yoga Barre all of our classes are active, fun and full of energy. No two classes are the same with a mix of Yoga & Barre in each one! We would love you to join The Yoga Barre Crew!

Improve strength, balance and flexibility.
Boost energy and brighten moods
Increase heart health
Connects with a supportive community

Meet Caroline

Caroline Whelan

Owner / Instructor

Caroline is a qualified Yoga Alliance 200Hr (RYT 200) instructor having completed a Hatha Yoga Diploma from the Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nashik, India and went on to further specialise in Pre and Post Natal Yoga.

She discovered Barre in 2015 and loved it straight away, with its mix of cardio, toning and stretching in a fun workout all in one! She completed The Total Barre training that same year and spent 12 months researching and developing her training, whilst going to weekly Barre classes in Dublin.

In May 2016 she taught her first Yoga Barre class in Greystones, the classes are a mix of everything she has learnt over the last 10 years and she absolutely loves teaching Barre!

Each class has the same format ; warm up, weights, barre and core work but every week the movements change to keep everyone on their toes! The classes are energetic, challenging and fun to a great playlist, music plays a big part in these classes.

Mummy’s Tummy

Caroline has been working with Mums to be and Babies since 2005. She loves teaching Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal Birthing Workshops, helping mums to relax and really enjoy and feel supported in this precious time in their lives. Then when the babies arrive she teaches Baby Massage Classes and Mum & Baby Yoga, all classes are very relaxed, informative and supportive and are a great way for new mums to get together. Babies have fun too and the classes help to relieve baby’s colic, wind and induce longer sounder sleep.

She went on to further specialise in Pregnancy Yoga and trained with Birthlight & The Elbowroom in Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga. She has also trained with Rainbow Kids in Kids Yoga and Total Barre for Barre training.

Caroline gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in October 2009 and two gorgeous baby girls in December 2011 and March 2014, she found all the movements, breath work and positivity from Yoga invaluable in guiding her through her pregnancies, labours and in becoming a very busy new mum of three

Each class has the same format ; warm up, weights, barre and core work but every week the movements change to keep everyone on their toes! The classes are energetic, challenging and fun to a great playlist, music plays a big part in these classes.

Love to see you on the mat soon!


Total Barre Training Barre Teacher Certificate | Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nashik, India Hatha Yoga Diploma – Instructors Course | Yoga Alliance Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours training instructor | Birthlight Dip in Pre & Post Natal Yoga | Elbow Room Pregnancy Yoga & Active Birth Training Certificate | Elbow Room Mum & Baby Yoga Training Certificate | IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor | Rainbow Kids Kids Yoga Certification | ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma | ITEC Dip Reflexology | ITEC Indian Head Massage Diploma | APNT Pregnancy Massage Diploma | CERT Maternity Reflexology

Our Studio

Come join one of our fun and energetic Yoga Barre classes in our bright and beautiful studio located in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.


The simple answer is no. If you are not flexible, yoga is a great way to become more flexible.

Yes, yoga can help you lose weight. The gentle postures coupled with mindful breathing help to detoxify the body, cleanse the digestive tract, and decrease anxiety and stress. Stress is one of the biggest culprits behind weight gain. Yoga can help reduce your stress as well as provide a gentle form of exercise that can strengthen the body and tone your muscles.

Regularity is key. Know that even practicing just once a week will give you the benefits of the practice. If time is an issue, don’t shy away. Do what you can.

Our yoga barre classes are energetic, but they can be done at your own pace.

What Others Say

“It’s hard to believe that I have been coming to Carolins classes for 6 years! I was hooked from very early on, she is an incredible instructor!

I love Carolines classes because no matter how stressed or tired I am, I come leave class feeling centred, stronger and in much better form. Carolines great energy and positive vibes make the class very fun. You feel the burn as you sweat, stretch and strengthen to energize your entire body. A big plus for me is carolines killer playlists, the perfect tunes when you are pushing your body to its limits”

- Maite
“I have worked out with Caroline for approx 7 years.  Pregnancy Yoga, Mum n Baby Yoga & Yoga Barre- her energy is contagious, her tunes are always awesome and i just love her workouts. The Yoga Barre has been my favourite.  An amazing full body workout.  I saw results realky quickly.  The energy of the class and the women in it.”
- Beth
“The Yoga Barre class was great! Caroline’s enthusiasm really encourages you to get moving and energise yourself for the rest of the day! The stretches are great for loosening out all the tight muscles and relieving aches you might have from carrying your little bump around! The relaxation at the end, provides a few minutes of absolute bliss!”
- Sarah
“Both myself and baby Ted thoroughly enjoyed Caroline’s baby massage classes. For me it was something I looked forward to every week and a chance to meet other mums and babies during lockdown. Ted loved the interaction and massage time which we now do as part of his bedtime routine and he is definitely more settled after it – he sleeps all night and definitely does less fussing when we spend dedicated time on bath&baby massage in the evening!”
- Amanda
“I have done pregnancy yoga with Caroline in person on my first pregnancy, and I’m currently  online with my second. I have also done by mum and baby yoga and barre classes both in person and online. I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough. Her classes are fun, professional, energetic, pitched just right to my ability whether it has been while pregnant, post natal or otherwise. The online classes are great for busy mums picking up whenever (and wherever!!), whereas the classes in person were an amazing place to meet like minded mums/friends who I have kept at my side closely in the class and outside. I felt ready for my active birth after completing her antenatal class with my husband filled with positive affirmations, relaxing movements and breathing techniques!”
“For me Caroline’s yoga classes- Healthy mind in a healthy body! My 4th year with her yoga classes it’s a pleasure having Caroline as a teacher. I’ve learned techniques during pregnancy yoga classes online which helped to have an easy delivery and quick recovery. Love Yoga Barre and can’t wait to be back! Thank you Caroline!”

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