About Barre class

  • Classes will be held in our new studio with limited spaces available.

What is a Yoga Barre class?

Yoga Barre was developed by a ballerina, Lotte Berk, a German dancer living in London. She came up with the idea to combine her dance conditioning routine with rehabilitative therapy after she injured her back. The result was Yoga Barre classes and the first studio opened in 1959 in her London basement. The workout then crossed the water to the states in the 70’s brought there by students of Berk. Since then it has quietly been growing in popularity and has been adapted into the fun and effective workout that is offered today.

What to expect?

Expect a good workout that focuses on small movements not large impact. It’s perfect for pinpointing the muscles that you want toned and for developing core strength without the excesses of high intensity exercise. We use some small weights to help build strength, balls for balance, some mat work when focusing on the core and of course a session at the ballet barre.

Before you book

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What you’ll need

Up to 2kg weights in each hand, you could use food cans or oil/water bottles.

A yoga mat if you have one.

You’ll need a comfortable, quiet space with a counter top or chair.

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What Others Say

The Yoga Barre class was great! Caroline’s enthusiasm really encourages you to get moving and energise yourself for the rest of the day! The stretches are great for loosening out all the tight muscles and relieving aches you might have from carrying your little bump around! The relaxation at the end, provides a few minutes of absolute bliss!

Sarah, Client
The yoga barre classes are a brilliant way to get any day started. Caroline always brings lots of fun and great music. She has a lovely style of teaching and keeps the energy in the room high. Barre is an amazing full-body workout that targets even the smallest of muscles
Shannon, Client
I have worked out with Caroline for approx 7 years.  Pregnancy Yoga, Mum n Baby Yoga & Yoga Barre- her energy is contagious, her tunes are always awesome and i just love her workouts. The Yoga Barre has been my favourite.  An amazing full-body workout.  I saw results really quickly.  The energy of the class and the women in it.
Beth, Client

Found the yoga barre live classes to be a lifesaver during Covid. Doing Caroline’s well-structured fitness routines have improved my overall flexibility, strength and toning while having fun and enjoying the comradeship of my classmates. Really worth keeping up and looking forward to more upbeat classes.

Melissa, Client
Caroline’s classes are a brilliant all-round work out. I feel like I work every part of my body as well as getting a really good stretch. While the studio classes are unavailable, the online classes have been fantastic, the flexibility to do the class when suits means I’ve been able to stay sane and keep mentally and physically strong. Love them!
Margie, Client

What can I say about Yoga Barre it’s a superb class that I have been doing for many years now, in person, on the beach, Facebook and now Zoom which is the next best thing to seeing everyone in these times.  Caroline brings such energy and the class never fails to be different with a great work out which will energize you for the day! Can’t recommend it enough.

Rachel, Client