About the class

**Please note these studio classes are on hold due to restrictions, but WE ARE ONLINE!**

  • Classes will be held via Zoom every Thursday at 11:30 – 12:45 pm

  • €80 for 4 weeks

Baby massage is a wonderful way to learn how to massage and connect with your baby and it has amazing benefits for everyone involved. From bonding with your baby to inducing better sleep patterns (for baby and you!) the advantages of this course are many. See below a baby massage class with Caroline as featured on Ireland AM.

History of Baby Massage

Baby massage started with the founder of IAIM ( International Association of Infant Massage ) Vimala Mc Clure, who travelled to India in the 1970’s. While she was visiting an orphanage, she saw a woman massaging her baby and was inspired by the benefits it had on the child and mother alike.

So she went back home to States and developed the strokes for Infant Massage using her knowledge of Indian and Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Yoga. Shortly after that she founded the IAIM, which after 30 years is now in 50 countries.

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Benefits of the class

The benefits for the baby include stimulating, relaxing, pain relief and interraction/bonding. It is wonderful for colic, constipation and wind, it aids deeper and longer sleep, relieves stress and anxiety after birth and it encourages a deep bond between baby and parent.

For mums and dads it is a great way to learn more about your baby’s yes and no cues, it increases your confidence in handling and comforting your baby, reduces stress and most importantly it allows you to bond with and nurture your baby while having fun!

The classes are broken down into one hour sessions over a four week period. Each week we cover a different part of your baby’s body, whilst having discussions on relevant topics. It’s a great way to meet other parents and share ideas and stories. Dads are very welcome.

Group classes are held in Greystones, Co. Wicklow and one to one classes, in the comfort of your own home available in South Co Dublin and Co Wicklow.

Most health insurance companies allow you to claim the cost of these classes back so you can get them for free! Please check with your health insurance company to see if your plan covers this.

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We featured on Ireland AM

What you’ll need

Up to 2kg weights in each hand, you could use food cans or oil/water bottles.

A yoga mat if you have one.

You’ll need a comfortable, quiet space with a counter top or chair.

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