Yoga Barre is a fun and super-energizing workout, using your whole body that’s great for everyone. Every Yoga Barre class works on building and strengthening your core while helping to tone and lengthen your muscles pretty much the same offering all the body benefits of a ballet dancer—just without attempting a pirouette or having sore toes.

The Benefits

  1. Improves posture

Yoga Barre focuses on strengthening the muscles in the chest and shoulders, which will help prevent slouching and improve your posture. Even after your first session, you will start to feel yourself walking and standing taller with an all-around sense of feeling taller.

  1. Strengthens glutes

Yoga Barre allows you to work on your glutes in a way that helps to strengthen the muscles that support the pelvis which will also help alleviate pressure on the knees, hips, and back. As well as this all this extra movement and toning is a huge plus for us in the peachy rear area!

  1. Tones stomach muscles

Yoga Barre is heavily focused on balance and strength meaning that your core is an integral part of the practice. Holding your abdominal muscles to ensure your body is aligned correctly provides an intense ab workout which is perfect for toning those tums up.

  1. Increases flexibility

Combining stretching with the focus you have on your posture pushes your flexibility to the limit. This results in fewer potential injuries and improves your physical performance. It is important to remember that when doing Yoga Barre it’s not about you being the most graceful swan when doing the movements. Watch your progress over a few weeks and you will be surprised at how your flexibility has improved.

  1. Reduces stress

We all know how great any form of exercise is for our minds. Yoga helps to quiet the mind where HIIT gets everything out. Barre sits somewhere in the middle of both. Yoga Barre is mentally challenging as each movement requires you to become mindful and stay engaged. As your brain is intensely focused on each and every small movement it will leave you feeling strong, energized, toned, and completely uplifted.

  1. Better mental focus

Yoga Barre classes help to increase and improve your mood while releasing stress while still being a super fun and energetic workout.

Yoga Barre