Mum and baby Yoga Barre classes are a great way for you and your little one to spend some time together bonding while also being a great way for you to start gently easing yourself back into exercise after giving birth. Taking part in a mum and baby Yoga Barre class is also a great way for you to meet some other new moms in the area. Being a new mum can be stressful and times, and sometimes frustrating, so it can help to talk to other new mums who are in the same boat. After each class, you will leave the studio feeling more calm and centred and every new mum wants a little bit of that in the first few weeks and months. Here are some more incredible benefits of Mum and Baby Yoga Barre classes:

1: Increases strength & mobility: Yoga Barre is an amazing way to slowly introduce the body to exercise again after giving birth. Classes can help you to gently strengthen and tone muscles, help build abdominal strength while also working on your pelvic floor to help reduce tension and tightness all over the body.

2: Breathing /relaxation skills: Yoga Barre classes can help teach you breathing techniques to help you stay calm and centred which in turn will help you to relax your mind and body. These techniques ultimately promote better sleeping for both you and your baby.

3: Bonding: Mum and Baby Yoga Barre will help you to build even more confidence in handling and communicating with your baby while enjoying postures that are beneficial for both of you.

4: Massage and touch: Throughout a Mum and Baby Yoga Barre class, you will learn some different strokes to help relieve gas and colic pains while also stimulating their digestive and immune system.

5: Playtime: This is one of the best benefits of a Mum and baby Yoga Barre class! Each class is a fun and special place for you and your new baby to interact and play using sounds, movement and singing.

6: Socialising: As we mentioned before being a new mum can sometimes be isolating so joining Yoga Barre classes is an amazing way to meet other new mums who are going through the same experience. The majority of the mums that attend our classes are always going for coffee together afterwards and form an essential supportive circle with each other.

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