Using hand weights in a Yoga Barre class can help to add an extra element of strength, stamina, and body awareness to an already challenging workout. As you focus on your breath intensified and you experience a heightened synchronization of your  body and mind ensures safe, smooth, and graceful movements while using hand weights There are many other benefits of using hand weights in a Yoga Barre class:

 1. Strengthen and improve the efficiency of the heart

It is recommended that in order to strengthen the cardio muscle tissue of the heart and to increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, to perform thirty minutes of cardio exercise three times a week: jog, cycle, row, dance, or other aerobic exercises such as these. In addition to strengthening muscles and bones, anaerobic resistance training such as weight training also offers many cardiovascular benefits. Using a hand weight during a Yoga Barre class also the heart to increase the blood flow to the active muscles, which makes the cardio muscle tissue stronger. A strong heart has to work less to pump blood which equates to lowered blood pressure.

2. Increase core strength and joint stability

As we age we lose more and more muscle mass and by the age of 70, we can lose as much as 30-55%! There is some good news though.. by using hand weights we increase our muscle mass, which in turn increases our muscles’ ability to protect, support, and stabilize our bones and joints. Hand weights can help to add a little extra challenge to our core supporting/strengthening muscles. Not only are hand weights great for core strength but they will also challenge the strength of the muscles that stabilize our hip, knee, ankle, and feet joints and also the tendons and ligaments of these joints. The more stable you are the less chance you have of falling or stumbling.

3. Improve the health and longevity of your bones

Bones are living tissues and respond very well to healthy stress. Adding hand weights increases the load we bear on our bones and therefore helps the bones in their ability to remodel. As we age our bones get more and more porous. In addition to walking, jogging, dancing, and climbing stairs, adding hand weights in your Yoga Barre class can help to increase bone density.

4. Muscle burns more than fat

In addition to all the other amazing health benefits of adding hand weights to your Yoga Barre class, it is proven that muscles burn more calories than fat.

So, by increasing the amount of muscle in your body you can ensure that your active muscles are burning more calories throughout your day. Adding hand weights to your Yoga Barre class adds an extra challenge to many different muscles and muscle groups if you are consciously aware of activating and lifting as you practice.

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