Winter Acu-Yoga Workshop
Sun, Jan 22nd, 2023
10am to 12:30pm

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Living in harmony with the seasons and your environment, cultivating peace, harmony and vibrant health in day-to-day living is a core principle of Chinese medicine. Each season offers us a unique opportunity to reflect upon and cultivate different aspects of our life and wellbeing. Autumn is the beginning of the Yin cycle of the year. We are leaving behind the high, often externally focused, Yang energy of Summer to begin the journey back to our deep essence. We prepare to let go of that which no longer serves in an effort to reveal what is precious and essential in life. The organ systems associated with Autumn are the Lungs and the Large Intestine, the major physical functions of which include maintaining a healthy immune system, circulating Qi and fluids throughout the body and eliminating metabolic waste products. On a mental and emotional level they help us to let go of the past, process grief and sadness and learn to appreciate life as it is right now. On a spiritual level, the Lungs house the Corporeal soul, the most physical and material aspect of the spirit. In balance you will experience healthy lungs, a strong immune system, regular bowel movements and radiant skin. On a mental, emotional and spiritual level, you will feel clear headed, grounded and be able to process grief and loss, while appreciating life. Out of balance, you may experience breathing difficulties, coughs, colds and flu, constipation/diarrhoea, clouded thinking, feel disembodied, have difficulty letting go and feel overwhelmed by sadness and grief. You may find yourself seeking recognition from others, associating your self-worth with external validation and achievements.

In this workshop we will: –       Practice yoga, pranayama (breath work) and meditation in alignment with the qualities of Autumn and explore the physical acupuncture meridians of the Lungs and the Large Intestine, including learning how to use acupressure on some key points. –       Explore some Qi Gong practices that align with the Lungs and the Large Intestine. –       Take away some simple dietary principles and look at how certain foods and herbs that can help create vibrant health at this time of the year. –       Learn some reflective practices that you can continue throughout the Autumn months to promote true self-knowledge and wisdom. –       Come away feeling vibrantly healthy and with knowledge that you can use over the coming months to continue to thrive.