I started sea swimming year round in 2015 when my 3 kids were still all under 6. I was looking for something to clear my head from the buzz and madness of a young family and oh boy did i find it.

It was on holidays in donegal when i first got into the sea after years of chickening out and leaving it to my brave sisters. And that was it, immediately i found a reset button for my busy life.

I find life really full on at times & the more i talk with my friends and clients, they seem to feel the same way too.
All the noise around us especially with social media, the multitasking at home, the kids and their activities, keeping up with what goes on in schools, our relationships and thats not even taking into account our work.
I am really lucky with mine, i get to see lots of gorgeous women and some men every day, move our bodies together and laugh alot.
But of course its not all craic, running a business and a studio with a family takes alot of graft,
There are alot of balls in the air!

So when I get into the sea one person, I always leave another one altogether.
My mind clearer, the stress washed away and my heart open to feeling really grateful for the simpliest of things.

I step out and walk on those stones, my breath very heavy one step at a time to my towel.
Then i sit down on the rocks and just feel so present.
The joy i feel when Meg my springer is chasing birds on the sand, is magic.
I love just being in these moments.

Anything we can all do to stand still in our very busy world, we need to grab it with both hands!

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